The UCLA International Institute is proud of our global community of over 10,000 alumni! Our alumni comprise a distinguished group of scholars, educators, diplomats, law professionals, policy analysts, consultants, financial analysts, directors of nonprofit organizations, leaders from every type of industry, and today’s thought-leaders who are influencing the next generation of innovation, excellence, and leadership in management, teaching, and more. We encourage alumni to stay connected by providing meaningful opportunities to engage with current UCLA students and with each other.

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Our Graduates


Jiayin (M.A. 2023) Ph.D. in Japanese literature at University of Pennsylvania

Moe (M.A. 2023) Ph.D. in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge

Qingyi (M.A. 2023) Ph.D. in Chinese and Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis

Ziqiao (M.A. 2023) M.S. in Computer Science at Northeastern University

Jessica (M.A. 2022) History Dept, UCLA

Yumi (M.A. 2022) University of Pennsylvania

Shuwen (M.A. 2022) Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Stanford

Yirui (M.A. 2022) History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Weilong (M.A. 2021) Global Governance and Diplomacy M,A. program at Oxford University

Paola (M.A. 2020) Ph.D. in Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA

David (M.A. 2020) Ph.D. in Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA

Hongyi (M.A. 2020) Ph.D. in East Asian History at Columbia University

Tatiana (M.A. 2017) Ph.D. in History at UCLA

Sean (M.A. 2016) Law School at Loyola Marymount University

Kevin (M.A. 2015) Ph.D. in History at James Madison University

Priscilla (M.A. 2014) Ph.D. program at the International Institute of Korean Studies, Univ of Central Lancashire

Alexander (M.A. 2014) Ph.D. program in East Asian Studies at Columbia



Matthew (M.A. 2019) language instructor at Borderlink

Richard (M.A. 2016) Asian Studies Librarian at University of California, Irvine

Devora (M.A. 2014) North American Representative for the city of Zhuhai in southern China

Natalia (M.A. 2012) Specialist at Uniworld Boutique River Cruise

Wendy (M.A.2011) Chinese language instructor, City University in Seattle