of UCLA students had an internship during college (source)
of International Institute students are enrolled in graduate school (source)
of college graduates land a job closely related to their major (source)



Ask yourself: Which competencies are your strongest? Which would you like to improve? 



Proactively develop career through:

  • continual personal and professional learning
  • awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • navigation of career opportunities
  • networking 



Clearly and effectively exchange information, ideas, facts, and perspectives with persons in and outside organization



Identify and respond to needs based upon understanding of situational context and logical analysis of relevant information



  • Demonstrate awareness, attitude, and skills required to equitably include people from all cultures
  • Engage in anti-racist practices that actively challenge the systems, structures, and policies of racism



Recognize and capitalize on personal and team strengths to achieve organizational goals



  • Knowing work environments differ greatly, understand and demonstrate effective work habits
  • Act in the interest of larger community and workplace



  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively toward common goals
  • Appreciate diverse viewpoints and shared responsibilities



Understand and leverage technologies ethically to enhance efficiencies, complete tasks, and accomplish goals



What career path would combine your skills and your interests? Explore your options with these Career Center resources! Activate your Handshake account to use these tools.


Free assessment tool on Handshake to match your skills and interests to career options. 


Find out what it's really like to work in a specific industry or profession. Access through Handshake.


Find UCLA alumni and networking events on UCLA ONE and start connecting today! 


Use VMOCK, a 24/7 smart resume tool, to build your resume and get detailed feedback. 


Search for jobs and internships abroad!


Find paid micro-internship opportunities for all majors and class levels on Parker Dewey. 



Discuss your interests and create a personalized career plan! Make an appointment through Handshake.




Business & Finance +

Communication and Administration Analyst
Development Director
Financial Services and Insurance Manager
Financial Analyst
Human Resources Associate
Project Manager
Senior Coordinator for International Promotions
Strategy Consultant
Trade and Investment Manager

Academia & Education+

Bilingual Quality, Training, and Compliance Specialist
College Counselor
Diversity Programs Coordinator
Elementary/Middle School/High School Teacher
Inclusion Specialist
Independent Research Consultant
Professor of Anthropology and African & Latin American Studies
Research Librarian for Humanities and Literature

Government & Law+

Community and Government Relations Operations Manager
Foreign Service Officer
Intellectual Property Associate
Legal Assistant
Presidential Staff Officer
Veteran Service Representative
Visa Specialist

Technology, Health & Science+

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Front-End Web Developer
IT Specialist
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Telehealth Project Coordinator

Communication, Arts & Media+

Creative Director/Copywriter
Life Coach and Podcast Host
Marketing Specialist
Museum Professional, Researcher, and Community Organizer
Public Relations
Special Events Manager
Videographer and Editor


Find more International Institute alumni on UCLA One!


An internship is a great opportunity to explore a career while gaining valuable work experience. Internships allow students to be immersed in a professional environment and connect with people in the particular field. What are you interested in?


Types of Internships:

Internships come in all varieties. Think about what you would like to gain from an internship and what is feasible based on living expenses and personal situations. Every internship has something to offer if you are wiling to put forth the effort.



Internship Programs:

Students can also choose to do an internship through an established program. Some examples of these are:

  UC Sacramento Internship Program

  UCDC (CAPPP) Internship Program

  UC Davis Internships Abroad

  UCEAP Internships Abroad


How to Secure an Internship:

The process for obtaining an internship is very similar to the process of landing your first job. This cycle of resumes, cover letters, interviews, rejection, and success will help you post-graduation. Check out our Internship Process Handout or watch our workshop recording on How to Find an Internship to get some tips. Handshake is also a great resource. Keep applying!


List of Internships:

Browse our Internship Database for a full list of internships related to international studies - such as governmental, health, development, economic, and human rights organizations. 

Internship Academic Credit

International and Area Studies 195CE (I A STD 195CE) allows students to receive 4 units of academic credit for an internship. I A STD 195CE is offered through the Center of Community Learning every Spring and Summer. The internship should take place off-campus and may be paid or unpaid. It is expected that interns will contribute roughly 8-10 hours each week to their internship. To make sure your internship is eligible for internship credit, visit the Center for Community Engagement page 

Credit for Major/Minor

Students may petition to apply I A STD 195CE towards their major or minor. Please submit your petition through the Petition Form for your major/minor under "Current Students." Please consult with your major/minor counselor for information on which requirement this course may fulfill.

Global Studies Students can also use I A STD 195CE to fulfill their Senior Capstone. More information can be found here.


In Summer, I A STD 195CE is only offered during Session A, and is a 10-week course. Internships must overlap with a minimum of 8 weeks out of the 10 week session to be eligible for credit. 195CE courses are NOT offered during Summer Session C. To enroll in the course for Spring or Summer, students must secure an internship and schedule an intake appointment at the Center for Community Learning.

Internship Funding

 Kramer & Siebert International Internship Scholarships:

Multiple scholarships of at least $1,000 will be awarded to students who have secured internships during Spring or Summer. Students demonstrating financial need, who are participating in internships abroad, who are advancing their understanding of international issues and/or financial literacy are especially encouraged to apply.

Eligibility, additional information, and application available HERE.

International Students

In order to accept an internship, International Students must earn academic credit by enrolling in a course like I A STD 195CE. The internship needs to be related to your major or minor. For any questions about employment and choosing internships related to your studies, please contact the Dashew Center. 


Handshake - A platform that connects talented Bruins with internships, jobs and career opportunities. Use Handshake to find workshops, events and other career development programs hosted by the UCLA Career Center.
UCLA ONE - Meet fellow Bruins, and find an alumni mentor.
UCLA Career Center - The UCLA Career Center offers services and resources to help UCLA students, UC graduates and employers reach their goals. Attend workshops and events, and schedule appointments with career counselors.  
UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy (CAPPP) - Promotes research on American politics and public policy, creates programs that educate students about our nation’s political and governmental processes, provides ideas, scholarship, and knowledge to inform policy makers and other interested publics in California and the nation.
 UCLA International Education Office (IEO) / UCEAP Internships Abroad opportunities - Look for study abroad programs and scholarships, and internships abroad.


For 2023-2024 we will be offering virtual and in-person advising support.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to read our FAQs and program websites. If you still have questions or concerns, you may contact us at undergrads@international.ucla.edu (please include your name & UID).

We strive to provide holistic and comprehensive support to our students through one-on-one advising, workshops, and events that focus on academic and professional planning, exploration of research, internship opportunities, and experiences abroad. 


Yumi Kinoshita

Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Counselor


  Karina Barrera

   Undergraduate Advisor

We can assist you with:

  • Major, pre-major, and minor questions and petitions to declare (I A STD & Global Health)
  • Educational planning and course sequencing
  • Course petitions and substitutions
  • DARS updates for major/minor
  • Enrollment questions for I A STD and Global Health courses
  • Contract courses (I A STD 195CE & 198A/B/C, GH 199)
  • Exploration of research, Departmental Honors, internship/career opportunities, and study abroad
  • Graduation checks

Contact Us

Please include your name and UID in all emails.

Email us if you need accommodations for same day or outside office hours appointments.

Undergraduate Advising: undergrads@international.ucla.edu

 Graduate Advising: idpgrads@international.ucla.edu 

Current UCLA undergraduate students can make an advising appointment with Karina at Academic Counseling - Barrera, Karina.

 If you're not a UCLA student, please e-mail us at the corresponding email as noted above.  

  Bunche Hall 10256 & 10254 (10th floor)

 Mailing Address:
Academic Advisor
UCLA International Institute Academic Programs
Office of Academic Advising
10256 Bunche Hall, Mail Code 148703
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487


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