Global Health Minor

Requirements & Declaration


What courses do I need to complete for the Global Health minor?

You can find information about requirements for the Global Health minor on the Global Health Minor Worksheet.

I’ve completed the prep requirements and I have the minimum GPAs needed to declare, so where do I go to declare the minor? 

You can submit your petition to declare the Global Health minor on our website.

Note: students must be able to complete the minor within their Degree Expected Term. If not, students may need to submit additional paperwork.

Is there a deadline to declare the Global Health minor?

The benefit of pursuing the Global Health minor is there are no strict deadlines at this time. However, we encourage students to prioritize completing the minor prep requirements as soon as possible to be eligible to declare the minor.

Can I overlap courses with my major?

Yes, but there is a limit as to how many courses can overlap with your major and the Global Health minor. You must have at least 20 minor exclusive units for Global Health (this includes lower division & upper division units). In other words, the 20 minor exclusive units are courses that are solely being applied toward the minor. The 20-unit minor exclusive requirement also applies to overlap with 2nd majors and other minors (GE & Honors Courses are not impacted by the overlap limit). Also, make sure to check with the department offering your other major/minor since they may have their own overlap restrictions.

Can I take all of my Upper Division Theme Electives in the same Theme area?

No. You are only allowed to take up to two courses from any one theme area. You can refer to the Global Health Minor Worksheet for theme areas.

Do I need to have a certain amount of Upper Division units for the minor?

Yes, you must have at least 20 Upper Division units for the Global Health minor. If students decide to take 2-3 unit Upper Division courses for the minor, they might need to take an extra UD course to fulfill the 20 unit UD requirement or take a 5 unit course instead.

Global Health Minor

Courses & Enrollment


What are the Global Health minor Quarterly Course Lists and where can I find them?

The Global Health Minor Quarterly Course Lists provide students with a list of all approved minor courses that will be offered in a specific term. Students can peruse the list quickly to see what is being offered for a particular term and for which requirement it will fulfill for the minor. You can access the quarterly lists here.

Can I start taking classes for the minor before I am officially accepted into the minor?

 Yes. You must complete two minor preparation courses (lower division) to be eligible to declare the minor. You can take upper division courses toward the minor if you meet department/enrollment restrictions; however, we cannot declare you into the minor until the prep is completed (grades posted on DARS).

I see a lot of courses in other departments that can count toward the Global Health minor. Can I get a special permit to enroll in other department courses since I’m a GH minor student?

The Global Health Department only oversees enrollment for its own Global Health courses (GH 100, GH 191, etc.). Thus, we cannot permit students into other department courses. GH minor students are expected to review enrollment restrictions and requisites for other department courses and follow any department-specific protocols for enrollment. In many cases, departments will lift restrictions during 2nd pass, but it varies.

I was wondering if I am able to take any of my classes for this minor for Pass/No Pass?

No. All courses for the Global Health minor must be taken for letter grade (exceptions are courses taken during Spring 2020 – Summer 2021).

I’m enrolled in an Additional Approved GH minor course as noted on the department’s quarterly course offerings list, but it’s not showing up on my DARS. What do I do?

Please send an email to with your name, UID, and course to be added. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response and for the course to be reflected on your DARS.

GH 100 is a required course for the minor – when is it typically offered?

GH 100 is typically offered once during the academic year and typically during summer term. It is commonly offered in Winter Quarter, however this is subject to change, and students who are on our email list serv are notified of any course/department updates.

I need to take GH 100 but I’m not yet declared in the minor and I cannot enroll into GH 100. What are my options?

Contact the Global Health department via email at with your name and UID to see if there is a possibility for you to enroll in the course. We cannot make any guarantees and priority is often given to graduating seniors.

Global Health Minor



How can I be added to the Global Health email list?

Please send an email to with your name, UID, preferred email, and request to be added to the Global Health email list.

I’m interested in studying abroad. Can I have courses count toward the minor?

In some cases yes, and it will depend on where you study abroad and if the courses you take are applicable to the minor. Courses must be a minimum of 4 units, upper division, and transferable to UCLA. All courses should be pre-approved, but final approval is determined by the GH Chair via a petition (once you come back from abroad and courses have posted to your DPR). Visit our Study Abroad tab and the International Education Office for study abroad programs and courses previously approved.

I took a study abroad course that was approved by the Global Health department, but it’s not counting toward my minor on DARS. How can I fix this?

Once your study abroad coursework shows up on DARS, an advisor can make any necessary course substitutions. You can send an email to with your name, UID, and course information, or schedule an advising appointment, to request a DARS substitution if the course was already approved by our department.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?

It is possible to receive academic credit for an internship and count it toward a Global Health minor requirement with department approval. Students must be enrolled in an approved internship course (e.g., 195CE) and coursework must be related to Global Health. Please consult with a Global Health advisor to discuss possible internship credit and the petition process.

How do I make an appointment to talk to a Global Health advisor?

If you have reviewed our FAQs page and still have questions, please visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment with us.