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Student Voices: Is Democracy Falling in Eastern Europe?

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A discussion with journalist Mark Temnycky on authoritarian trends in Eastern Europe.

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Join us for a virtual discussion on authoritarian trends in Eastern Europe with Mark Temnycky, nonresident fellow with the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center and accredited freelance journalist covering Eastern Europe. This discussion will explore the rise of authoritarian measures and concomitant democratic backsliding in Eastern Europe, U.S. strategic interests in the region, Angela Merkel's record of confronting authoritarianism, and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and its implications for the ongoing Ukraine-Russia border crisis. This event is a must-attend for any student interested in gaining critical insights into the tumultuous international relations of Eastern Europe and its implications for the U.S. alliance system, the global appeal of democracy, and the evolution of the international order. Bring your questions to our live Q&A.

This event is part one of a three part series exploring authoritarianism around the world. This series is co-hosted by The Generation, UCLA's student-run foreign affairs magazine. Its most recent publication discussed Temnycky's coverage of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in an article examining Angela Merkel's track record of confronting authoritarian regimes. Read the article at



 Mark Temnycky is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center. He is also an accredited freelance journalist who has been covering Eastern Europe for six years. He examines how this region impacts U.S. and European foreign policy and national security. Temnycky's articles have been published by news outlets and think tanks such as The New York Times, Forbes, the Diplomatic Courier, EUobserver, Euronews, New Eastern Europe, Euromaidan Press, Atlantic Council, and Wilson Center. His publications have been shared by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence and various Ukrainian and Georgian government institutions. Temnycky's analyses have been debated in media outlets such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, The Hill, and the Kyiv Post. Finally, he has been interviewed by media outlets and podcasts to discuss Eastern European affairs. Temnycky has guest lectured on current events in Eastern Europe to students at various U.S. colleges and universities.



Katherine Jones is the Editor-in-Chief of The Generation, UCLA's student-run foreign affairs magazine. Katherine is a fourth year Economics major and Global Studies minor with an interest in international trade and development. She is a research assistant in the Department of Economics, and a volunteer income tax preparer with VITA UCLA. She completed an internship with UNCTAD in Geneva, and aspires to continue in the field of international economy.



Student Voices is a by-students/for-students discussion series that provides smaller spaces for students to engage with each other and with experts on various issues spanning international relations. Each event is organized by the Burkle Center interns in partnership with an international relations organization on campus.