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The Burkle Center Internship Program offers UCLA undergraduate and graduate students direct exposure to international relations and related disciplines. From major events and conferences to research initiatives and student-oriented outreach programs, the Burkle Center offers a variety of avenues for interested and engaged students to get involved.

International Career Panel

Each year, the Burkle Center organizes an international career panel, featuring experts who work across a wide international spectrum, from diplomacy and counter-terrorism, to humanitarian relief, international development, and journalism. The panel is designed to provide valuable insight into a variety of international fields and professions and tailored to the interests of graduating seniors as well as graduate students.

Course: International Conflict Resolution

The Burkle Center co-sponsors the annual Honors Collegium course Communities and Nations in Conflict: The theory and practice of international conflict resolution, taught by Burkle Center Deputy Director Alexandra Lieben. The course provides students with an introduction to international conflict resolution, from conflict containment and peacekeeping, to peace-building, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

The Generation

The Generation is an online foreign affairs magazine featuring students’ perspectives on global current events. Articles discuss how these events affect students, their communities, and the world. The Generation is a unique forum which seeks to truly capture students' views of international relations through the lenses of where they grew up, their local community, as a college student, and as an American or international student.


The Burkle Center funds graduate student research led by UCLA faculty in the realm of international relations and policy.


A catalogue of links and resources to degree programs, internships and careers in the international arena.