About the Program

The program's ambition is to train a new breed of policy-makers knowledgeable about Canadian society and well-versed in Canada-U.S. relations and affairs. With their Canadian counterparts, these young professionals will make wise and thoughtful decisions for the sustainable and long-term development and well-being of the North American community, whether these relate to our security, public health, the environment, or economic relations.

Canadian Studies Program Goals

  • Annual lecture series by a prominent Canadian scholar or policy-maker
  • Opportunities for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student exchanges between UCLA and Canadian universities
  • Research support for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral students on Canada-oriented topics
  • Fellowship support for graduate students
  • Library acquisition of Canada-oriented journals, books, documents, and primary source materials
  • Public lectures and conferences on issues involving Canada-U.S.-world relations
  • Increased Canadian curricular content in UCLA classes

Canadian Studies at UCLA will embrace a strong environment and sustainability focus.

The program will address subjects such as:

  • sustainability policies
  • business practices and technologies
  • resource management
  • species and habitat conservation
  • climate change

Through teaching, research and outreach, the program will facilitate awareness of issues of mutual concern for the two countries among faculty, researchers, students and the public.

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