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Ciara Martin and Scott Stephenson.

Canadian Studies at UCLA grants two new scholarships

Graduate students Ciara Martin and Scott Stephenson have been selected as the award winners.

Canadian Studies’ Graduate Research and Conference Award was established to support research in Canada on a topic relevant to North America or travel to Canada to attend a scholarly conference or workshop to present a talk or poster related to a specific subject matter. This is the program's first funding opportunity through the IoES.

Applicants were asked to submit a proposal and budget and provide a copy of their academic transcript. A faculty recommendation was also required.  Graduate students Ciara Martin and Scott Stephenson were selected as the recipients of the inaugural scholarship. Ciara is a doctoral candidate studying molecular toxicology and Scott is pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography. Both will receive a $1,000 award to support the project outlined in their proposal.

Martin said, "I was excited to learn that I had won the Canadian Studies scholarship. Both of my parents were born in Canada so I have an affinity for the country.”

She continued, “This award will allow me to share my research on environmental causes of Parkinson's disease here at UCLA with members of the Canadian Neuroscience Society in Toronto in spring 2013. In addition to sharing my work, I will be able to build connections and learn about research opportunities that exist in Canada for students like myself."

Scott intends to use the funding to attend a conference on operations in the Arctic. He said, "I am extremely honored to receive this scholarship. With this award I look forward to presenting my research on future marine navigation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago next year at the 6th Annual Arctic Shipping North America Conference—a meeting attended by leaders in both academia and industry."

Canadian Studies at UCLA hopes to offer additional support in the future.

Published: Monday, December 17, 2012

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