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Sites of Encounter in World History Resources, photo of landscape of Qom, Iran

Themes in World History K-12 Teacher Resources (2023)
This page includes curriculum resources and lesson plans
 from a teacher workshop series that focuses on major themes such as democracy, power, and interconnection in K-12 world history curriculum in California.

Sites of Encounter in World History K-12 Teacher Resources (2018-2022)
This page provides curriculum materials, resources, and lesson plans on different history sites around the world for K-12 public school educators to use in aligning with the CA History-Social Science Framework to expand the study of world regions and civilizations in their classrooms. 

Our Culture Resounds, Our Future Reveals: A Legacy of Filipino American Performing Arts in California (2020)
Published by UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive and Ube Arte, a SoCal-based collective of professional musicians, dancers and academics with a shared mission to advance Philippine cultural research and education, this book features Filipino American artists and scholars in essays, interviews, and photos.

UCLA K-12 Outreach Online Portal
The website serves as a valuable resource to provide students, parents and educators with a simple and accessible way to find out about the numerous programs that UCLA offers to complement K-12 education.

COVID-19 Teacher Resources (2020)
This information page lists resources and ongoing professional development opportunities for K-14 educators and language instructors.

Teaching and Learning Southeast Asia under COVID-19 (2020)
UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies faculty, students, and alumni share insights about the transition to new remote instruction and learning environments.


Oral Proficiency Guidelines for Southeast Asian languages (2021)
Sponsored by the Southeast Asian Language Council with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation and support from Southeast Asia National Resource Centers, these materials were developed to strengthen Southeast Asian language instruction in the U.S. 

Heritage & Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans for Southeast Asian languages (2021)
Developed by the Southeast Asian Language Council, these lesson plans are designed to provide models for heritage and project-based teaching of Southeast Asian languages in the classroom.


UCLA CSEAS Multimedia - Lecture Videos | Webinars | Podcasts

Asian Performing Arts on Stage and on Screen Symposium (2022)

The Old Kiyyangan Story: Oral Histories and Archaeological Findings from the Old Kiyyangan Village, Ifugao, Philippines (2020) - Animation video | Director and Filmmaker: Armando Burgos | Script writers: Stephen Acabado and Marlon Martin

Fowler Museum at UCLA: Southeast Asian Music Ensembles (2021)

UCLA Music of Thailand Ensemble

K-12 Arts Education: Balinese Gamelan (2018)


Sites of Encounter in World History Lessons for California K-12 History-Social Science (2018-2022)

K-12 Arts Education Study Guide: Cudamani Balinese Gamelan and Dance (2018)

Integrating Human Rights into the Curriculum: Case Studies from Asia (2004)
This teacher workshop explored the global, national, and local dimensions of human rights issues with case studies from Asia to enhance understanding of contemporary Asian cultures and regimes, international human rights standards and the human rights work of governmental and non-governmental entities.

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Published: Monday, October 28, 2019