Declaring the Global Health Minor 


Checklist to declare the Global Health Minor:

1. Have completed all preparatory courses for the minor with a minimum prep GPA of 2.00 (grades for all preps should be posted on the Degree Audit Report). 
2. Have an established UCLA GPA and be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA).
3. For students who have 150+ units, the Global Health department will request approval from their main advising unit before declaring them into the minor. If approval is granted, the department will notify students. 
Note: at least 20 units of the Global Health minor, both lower and upper division, have to be unique to the minor and cannot overlap with the major or another minor.

Students who meet those criteria can declare the Global Health minor by submitting the online petition below. 

Please allow up to three weeks for your records to be reviewed and updated. 

Petition to declare the Global Health minor




For Fall 2022 we will be offering virtual and in-person advising support.

We strive to provide holistic and comprehensive support to our students through one-on-one advising, workshops, and events that focus on academic and professional planning, exploration of research, internship opportunities, and experiences abroad. 


Yumi Kinoshita

Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Counselor


Olivia Gonzalez

Undergraduate Counselor


We can assist you with:

  • Major, pre-major, and minor questions and petitions to declare (I A STD & Global Health)
  • Educational planning and course sequencing
  • Course petitions and substitutions
  • DARS updates for major/minor
  • Enrollment questions for I A STD and Global Health courses
  • Contract courses (I A STD 195CE & 198A/B/C, GH 199)
  • Exploration of research, Departmental Honors, internship/career opportunities, and study abroad
  • Graduation checks

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  Current UCLA undergraduate students can make an advising appointment with Yumi or Olivia at MY.UCLA APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER. If you're not a UCLA student, please e-mail us at the corresponding email as noted above. The appointment will be cancelled if you're not present (online or in person) within 5 minutes of the scheduled time.

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For other questions or concerns, please review the following information:

Refer to your main Counseling Unit for questions about GE/IGETC Requirements, Course Add/Drop Petitions, Degree Plan Contracts, College-specific requirements, Holds, Grad Checks, Academic Probation status, Readmission, etc.

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