Image for Study issues of development in different regions
Study issues of development in different regions

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Image for Engage with development work at home and abroad
Engage with development work at home and abroad

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Image for Explore different approaches to solving socio-economic inequalities
Explore different approaches to solving socio-economic inequalities

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International Development Studies

The focus of the IDS major continues to evolve, so we encourage you to visit our About Us tab to learn more about our updated scope. We look forward to working with you. 


Student Spotlights


Kiara González Durán, IDS - Internship at MACRO

Kiara, an IDS student, did a summer internship at MACRO, a production company that represents voices and perspectives of people of color. Her advice for students looking for and participating in internships is to know what you want to learn from your internship experience early so that when you start, you know what questions to ask and who to meet with in order to really make the best of your experience and start preparing for your future career.



Vanessa Thomas, pre-IDS - Volunteer with BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America)

Vanessa volunteered for a month in Cofradía, Honduras as a camp counselor at a bilingual high school. The purpose of the camp is to expose the students of the school to English outside of the classroom. Her advice for students looking for volunteer experiences like these is to have an open mind, and to be grateful and kind to everyone around you. 



Jonathan Wisner, IDS - Internship at Regency Global in Cape Town, South Africa

Jonathan, an IDS student, interned this past summer at Regency Global, where he researched current needs of psychosocial skills of South African youth, and their impact on family dynamics. He also worked on amending the curriculum of the ResponsibleMe program, which is South Africa's largest HIV/AIDS prevention education program, and spearheaded a new project to create artisan training centers in communities to address youth unemployment and the country's need for skilled labor. His advice to students seeking internships is to start early and apply to many, and not be discouraged when internships say "no." He encourages students to be open to trying new and different things when interning abroad, and realize that you don't need to know everything going into an internship--you will learn on the spot! 



IDS Departmental Honors

Are you interested in research? Consider the IDS Departmental Honors program!
Spend 3 quarters researching a topic of your choosing and writing a Senior Thesis with the guidance of a UCLA Faculty Member, and finish your project in the Summer! You'll have access to presentation and publication opportunities, and will receive Departmental Honors recognition to your diploma and transcript!
Please contact our office at to see if you are eligible.


Global Studies Info Session 

Missed the info session? Click here to see the PowerPoint!

IDS Info Sessions

Missed the info sessions? Click here to see the PowerPoint!


Going Global Student Conference Committee

Every year, International Institute graduate and undergraduate students organize an annual conference on international issues. Apply to be a committee member for the 2020 Going Global Conference! Please read the full description on our Facebook post before applying. Conference will be held May 2020.

Deadline: October 28