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The Fowler believes in the civic duty of museums to give forum to multiple points of view. Share the Mic programs feature thought leaders, artists activists and allies, who are guiding us along the arc of justice. The "Borders and Boundaries" section of The Map and the Territory" exhibition explored how borders affect relationships among individuals communities and places. At certain international boundaries such as the U.S.-Mexico border the establishment of physical divide only further motivates those on either side to unify. The Fowler is proud to present a special program celebrating artists whose transcendent projects at the U.S.-Mexico border reflect the dynamic complex and interdependent relationship between the U.S. and Mexico; and embrace the possibilities of what that relationship can become. Join us for a conversation, ”moderated by professor and artist David Taylor with renowned jazz musician Arturo O'Farrill interdisciplinary Southwest Native American artist collective Post-commodity and multidisciplinary Mexican artist Marcos Ramírez ERRE. They will invite us to think critically and consider the indigenous framing of issues surrounding border discourses the impact and consequences of the militarization of ancestral homelands and the power of art to facilitate continued dialogues about deeply problematic colonial frameworks that reinforce hegemonic power. Originally aired 10/15/21. "

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