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Angela Mc Duffie

Undergraduate Degree
  • Class of 2010
  • IDP Major(s): International Development Studies Major
While At UCLA

CNSI - CNSI Director's Assistant. CSA - Member. UCLA Symphonic Band - Flutist UCLA Choir - Messo Soprano.

After UCLA

After I obtained my BA from International Development Studies, I went to Hong Kong to become an intern at Civic Exchange, a well recognized think-tank in the region. However, after 4 months later, I discovered that before I go and save the world and make some changes, everything is driven by money. I can write all the political research papers/theories I have, but I realized that the true decision makers are the well established ones, ones that is able to invest in our ideals to make it happen. Thus, I decided to go corporate that has huge career growth potential. I used my language skills to my maximum benefit and found a job as an Account Manager for a private software company. I had the opportunity to manage the entire international channel (with APAC focus) directly managed 30+ partner companies and 1500 client accounts. In this company, I discovered that sales is my passion, thus, in the near future, I plan to commit myself in a Fortune 500 company where I will become a leader in this field of expertise.

Advice for Current International Institute IDP Students

Never think that you will be limited to what you learn in school. Remember that what you may think is useless now will become helpful one day and make a huge impression on someone. UCLA is a school that develops its student to be open-minded and self-educated individuals, in which these values will prove itself useful in shaping you to become a champion in your future careers.