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Gael Murphy


Master's Degree
  • Class of 1982
  • Master's Degree(s): ¬ĽAfrican Area Studies MA
  • Additional Master's Degree(s): M.P.H., UCLA, 1983

    M.F.A. Film, Video and Electronic Media, American University, 2001

After UCLA

I joined USAID and then USAID Contractor --worked in Africa and the Caribbean 1984-1997. Resigned from Development racket and began working with progressive grassroots organizations. When GW Bush decided to invade Iraq I and others formed CODEPINK: Women for Peace to mobilize opposition to the invasion and subsequent occupation. Openned an Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad in 2003 which was closed in 2005 due to sectarian violence. Continue to do antiwar work.

Advice for Current International Institute IDP Students

Apply a human rights framework to what you choose to do and where you choose to do it!