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J. Eric Lomeli

Undergraduate Degree
  • Class of 2000
  • Additional Major(s): History
  • Additional Minor(s): Italian Special Fields
Master's Degree
  • Class of 2002
  • Master's Degree(s): Latin American Studies MA
  • Additional Master's Degree(s): M.S. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) University of Redlands, 2004
While At UCLA

Study Abroad:
American Field Service (AFS) Italy: 1992-1993
Universita' per Strainieri di Siena (Italy): 1996 (Spring)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (FRP): 1997 (Winter/Spring).

Extracurriculars: UCLA Program on Mexico; PROFMEX; Data Trends, LLC.

Awards: Masters Degree Departmental Honors Graduate Research: "The Revolutionary Corridor" (Historical GIS) Faculty Advisory Committee: Dr. Leobardo Estrada (Urban Planning & Social Research) Dr. James W. Wilkie (History) Dr. Kevin Terraciano (History)

Grad Thesis: A Historical GIS (hGIS) of the U.S.-Mexico Region 1910-1930

After UCLA

Data Trends, LLC (GIS Analyst/Instructor)
University of Texas at San Antonio (GIS Specialist)
Bexar County, Texas (Senior GIS Analyst)

Fondest Memory of UCLA

Having the opportunity to lecture to an undergrad course of 200+.

Advice for Current International Institute IDP Students

First, dedicate yourself into learning a wide perspective, then narrow down your focus to become an expert.