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Gayle Gienger


Undergraduate Degree
  • Class of 2003
  • IDP Major(s): International Development Studies Major
  • Additional Minor(s): Spanish
While At UCLA

Study Abroad:
Granada, Spain 2001-2002

Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles

After UCLA

After graduation, I've taken advantage of opportunities to explore different career paths. I dabbled in finance, publishing, and marketing. Now I do market research for a national homebuilder. While it's not related to my major, it's pretty interesting work. I like listening to people's stories and representing the voice of the customer within our company. However, I've never lost interest in international development and am currently looking into ways I can leverage my skills with data analysis and transition into a role with an international focus.

Fondest Memory of UCLA

My year abroad was hands-down the absolute best collective year of my life. It wasn't without its trials and tribulations, but I learned so much about myself during that time, made some fantastic friends, and explored some beautiful locations. As a bonus, my Spanish improved 1000% and I can still hold my own in a conversation.

Advice for Current International Institute IDP Students

Spend some time abroad! It is an incredible, eye-opening, soul-searching experience. Go at least for a semester, a year if you can. Consider going to a smaller city - it's easier to integrate into the local culture and harder to get lost.