Travel and Expense Reimbursement

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U.S. Travel, Foreign Travel, Ticket Purchase, Visa Info, Printable Forms

Guests are eligible for reimbursement of  travel and meal expenses when visiting UCLA for official events. 

 In order to receive reimbursement, visitors will need to:

  1. Return all original receipts to you
  2. Prepare and sign a UCLA Travel Voucher.

It is often best to have the guest sign the UCLA Travel Voucher while at UCLA, and then mail the receipts to you when their travels are completed. 

In addition, some specific rules apply depending on whether the traveler is (1) a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or (2)  a non-resident alien.

U.S Citizens & Permanent Residents.
Tickets can be purchased either by:

  1. the guest who will then be reimbursed 

If the guest prefers to purchase his/her own ticket, make sure to instruct them to seek the lowest possible fare, and to keep all ticket stubs and receipts to be mailed back to you at the conclusion of the trip.

In addition, permanent residents will need to submit to you a copy of their Green Card.

For more information and reservations, please contact: 
UCLA Travel Center 
Non-resident Aliens:
All of the above holds true for non-resident aliens guests as well. However, they will also need to:

  1.  obtain a proper visa, 
  2.  provide their I-94 and passport to you for photocopying.  
  3.  fill out and sign the UCLA Travel Voucher, UCLA Statement of Citizenship Form, and the Certificate of Academic Activity Form

Permanent residents also need to fill out and sign a Statement of Citizenship.

New Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement Procedures: All claims for reimbursement of travel and/or entertainment expenses must soon be prepared and submitted using Express, the new on-line system that will replace the old Travel Expense Vouchers.
Claims must be submitted within 21 days after the end of a trip; monthly (e.g, mileage), if local only.

For further information, and for training, go to the Express Training Site:

To produce an Expense Report (which will replace the Travel Expense Voucher), go to the Production (Live) Site:

For a complete Guide on how to use Express, go to Express Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement System

For more detailed information regarding UCLA travel policies, please contact:

Download file: blanktravelform.pdf