Visiting Scholars

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Before inviting an academic visitor to your center, the first step is always contacting Tara Wake. After reviewing your visitor’s CV, she will help determine the correct classification for your visitor.

Next, if it is determined that the Visitor Scholar classification is the most appropriate title, please fill out the UCLA Visiting Scholar Appointment form:

In addition, for any Visiting Scholar that is a non US citizen, a center contact person must complete the Export Control Compliance Attestation form. This form must be submitted to Claudia Modlin in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for approval:

General Information:

A person who has an academic appointment at another institution or is engaged in other professional or creative activity may be appointed as a Visitor to participate in a short-term educational, research, or other academic project under the supervision of an academic appointee. The Visiting Scholar appointment is without compensation.

A Visiting Scholar must: be self-supporting; provide evidence of adequate support from external sources and of health insurance, appropriate to the duration of the appointment; and possess a terminal degree appropriate to carry out the activities for which the appointment is made.

Visiting Scholars are appointed for short periods not to exceed 12 months, and more typically for six (6) months or less. The appointment is self-terminating. Reappointment for an additional term of up to 12 months is permitted (provided that no other series has become more appropriate); a third term of up to 12 months may only be authorized by the Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel. The University of California may at any time terminate the appointment without prior notice and withdraw associated privileges.

Conditions of Appointment:

a. Service as a Visitor constitutes neither employment nor enrollment as a student at the University of California.

b. A Visitor may not have employment (including as a contractor) or another appointment with the University of California.

c. A Visitor may not be a student, including a UC-registered student. Students at other institutions must seek a Visitor (Student) status as a Visiting Graduate Researcher (VGR) through the UCLA Graduate Division,, or as an Undergraduate Student Visitor through the Undergraduate Research Center,

d. A Visitor is not eligible for salary or wages from the University of California.

e. A Visitor is bound by the rules and policies of the University of California, including but not limited to those governing ownership of intellectual property, safety, and harassment.