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Flyers, Bulk Mail, Posting, Website, External Media

Mailing and Posting Flyers-

Mass Mailing

In order to mass mail flyers, Mail and Document Services needs to be contacted 3-4 days before the DATE YOU WANT THEM MAILED. They will arrange:

  1. Photocopying
  2. Affixing labels or printing addresses
  3. Delivery via Bulk Mail.

Be sure to fill out the appropriate forms:


Be sure to read through their policies.  It is also a good idea to give Mail and Document Services a call to go over the specifics of your request.

Mail and Document Services-Bulk Mail


To post flyers on the official UCLA Bulletin Boards:

  1. Submit flyers to Center for Student Programming RM 105 Kerckhoff Hall, x57041. 
  2. Flyers need to be submitted by Thursday the week before your event.

For an idea of what information needs to be listed on flyers, and for layout ideas, please feel free to review the following sample flyers
Sample Flyer 1
Sample Flyer 2

Mass E-mails/Webpage-


  1. Send E-mail announcement via mailing lists/Listserve/ Etc. 
  2. Sometimes a reminder mail the day before or off the event is useful.


  1. Post your event on the ISOP Calendar
  2. Post an Article to the ISOP website
  3. Post to the UCLA Calendar

External Media-

Contact Jean Roth

If you are interested in coordinating outside media interest, please contact Jean Roth.  If you are holding a large event, please contact Jean as early as possible to discuss media potential.  Jean can help produce and organize:

  1. Press Releases -sample
  2. Media Advisory

Post-Event Coverage-
It is very important to provide follow-up coverage of all events. This could include:

  1. Post a follow up story on the ISOP Web.
  2. A videotape of the event. This could be archived and/or used as streaming video on the ISOP site Make sure to arrange any videotaping well in advance of the event.
  3. Photo ops.
  4. Audio Recording

Make sure that someone has been engaged to cover the event so that photos can be taken of speakers and notes taken to be turned into an article for the ISOP Webpage

Download file: flyersample2.pdf