Hiring Work-Study Students

Guidelines, Links

When hiring a Work-Study Student:

  • Fill out the ISOP Hire Authorization Form and submit to Tara Wake.  For a Word version, click here.  For more information on the Hire Authorization form, click here.

  • The form has a special section that must be completed for work-study appointments.  Please indicate whether you would like the job advertised on the work-study website and ISOP Personnel will submit the job advertisement for you.  By answering no to this question, this implies that you have already selected a work-study student to be hired.  (If you do not have a preselected student, you may leave the name, id number and ssn number blank on the hire authorization.)

  • Please keep in mind that Work-Study Students are limited to a total of 49% time for all combined appointments across campus.  The student's work-study award will be revoked if this is exceeded.

  • The current pay split for Work-Study students for the academic year is 60% paid by the Federal Work-Study Office and 40% paid by hiring departments.

For assistance in choosing an appropriate payroll title and pay rate, please contact Tara Wake.