Hiring Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdocs)

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When hiring Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdocs), please visit the website to get the most updated information about postdocs.

Center staff will need to work directly with Grad Division to complete the process to setup a postdoc appointment in their center. Once the forms are submitted and approved by Grad Division, the International Institute Personnel Office will then enter the postdoc appointment into the UCPath system.

Please contact Grad Division with further questions at or submit a ticket in the Graduate Education Portal

Please review the two guides below before starting the postdoc hiring process:
Quick Reference for Hiring a Postdoc
Quick Reference for Postdoc Job Codes

Recruitments are not a required process to appoint a postdoc. Individual departments set their own policies regarding the recruitment of postdocs and the International Institute does not require this.

Please discuss funding, including estimating benefits cost, with your center's fund manager.

Special Note
Postdoctoral Scholars are not eligible for honoraria (one-time payment for services) because they are not included in their labor contract.