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Joint Statement of Principles in Support of International Education (07-26-21)

Joint Statement of Principles in Support of International Education (07-26-21)

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The U.S. Departments of State and Education issued a joint statement that makes a renewed commitment to international education in the United States.


The United States cannot afford to be absent from the world stage: U.S. leadership and engagement
makes an essential difference abroad, as well as at home. Indeed, in today’s interconnected world,
our foreign and domestic policies are inextricably intertwined in pursuit of a preeminent goal –
improving the lives of the American people.

Many of our most pressing challenges are inherently global in scope and impact and can only
be addressed by nations and individuals working together. From tackling pandemics and the
climate crisis, to reducing economic disparities and building prosperity, to countering threats to
democracy and maintaining peace – resolving these global challenges requires partnership and
collaboration across borders. It is imperative that we continue to cooperate with our allies, invest in
our relationships, and broaden our engagement worldwide. ...


Read the entire statement here or download it below.

Download file: Joint_Statement_on_Intl_Education_072621-wt-kfg.pdf