Downloading and Using Goldenrod Application Instructions

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The Request for Proposal Approval and Submission form(familiarly known as the Goldenrod form) is the UCLA internal form used by Contracts and Grants Administration for the review of applications or proposals submitted to extramural funding agencies.

We have made available for download a nifty application that helps you to fill out and complete a goldenrod form. It is available for Windows PC users only.

There is an interactive pdf version of the goldenrod available on the Contract and Grants website, but we prefer that staff use the goldenrod application described here.


1. Download file to your computer
Place cursor over the link above or the image below, use the right mouse button, and select save target as.

Download zip file

2. Extract zip file.
Remember where you have extracted the files to so that you can find it later.

3. To start the goldenrod application, go into the goldenrod folder and click on the "GOLDROD.EXE" file. The application should start.

4. Fill in the blanks to complete the form.

5. You can save your in-progress work locally or on the file server, BUT when you have finished use Save As to save the completed goldenrod onto the P drive in the Goldenrod folder.

6. Notify Anne Tweiten of the file name for your saved goldenrod on the p:goldenrod folder so that the next steps in the process can move forward.

* If you need assistance to download and install the application please submit an IT service request and we will be pleased to help you.