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Revolutionary Sudan

Global Racial Justice and the Everyday Politics of Crisis and Hope, 2021–22


Photos by Crystal Murphy, Chapman University.


In 2019, the Sudanese people overthrew the regime of the Omar El-Bashir, a military dictator who ruled the country for 30 years. Join us as two leading experts, Crystal Murphy and Magdi El-Gizouli, discuss the role of Sudanese youth and resistance committees in creating a revolutionary Sudanese politics in the face of ongoing military repression and economic hardships.

We will discuss what the international community can do to help the Sudanese people establish a democracy in Sudan, and why we have not done nearly enough to protect the Sudanese transition. Speakers will also talk about what it means to carry out a revolutionary practice of democracy into the present.



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Speaker: Magdi El Gizouli is a Sudanese academic and fellow of the Rift Valley Institute. He writes on Sudanese affairs, often on his blog StillSUDAN, and is currently working on a book project together with Edward Thomas on Islam and market authoritarianism.




Speaker: Crystal Murphy is an associate professor of Political Science and director of the MA in International Studies Program at Chapman University. Dr. Murphy’s research in Sudan and South Sudan focuses on civil society responses to conflict, humanitarianism and development interventions. In recent years she has been working on a documentary about Sudan’s December Revolution.


Discussant: Alden Young is an assistant professor of African American Studies and a faculty member of the International Development Studies Program of the UCLA International Institute.


Photo: Dan Komada/ Institute for Advanced Study.

Duration: 1:31:55

Duration: 1:31:55

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Download file: 2022-Sudan-Global-Racism-series-v2-22-e4n.pdf

Sponsor(s): UCLA International Institute, African Studies Center, Department of African American Studies

24 Feb 22
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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