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Faculty in the News

Image for Bunche
Dec 2, 2022. Not only did Ralph Bunche help negotiate the UN Charter and win a Nobel Prize for brokering the armistice agreements that ended the 1948 Israeli-Arab War, "his career and the history of UN peacekeeping are deeply intertwined," writes Kal Raustiala in a recent Just Security article.
Raustiala, director of the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations and UCLA professor of law, has written two recent articles based on his new book on Bunche, "The Absolutely Indispensible Man" (Oxford, 2022). While the Just Security article explores Bunche's founding and sustained involvement in UN peackekeeping, an article in The Forward (Nov. 23) explores "the crucial role played by the U.N. — and Bunche – in ushering [Israel] into existence."
Image for Ceausescu
Sep 15, 2022. Writing in the Washington Post about 30 years of anti-abortion policies in communist Romania, former Director of the Center for European & Russian Studies Gail Kligman (sociology) notes, "When women cannot control their fertility, their physical and emotional well-being suffers, often with fatal consequences. Surveilling women's reproductive lives contributes to the creation of a culture of fear that erodes not only social relationships and sexual intimacy, but also the broader society itself.
"By 1989, Ceausescu's brutal antiabortion policies had tragically elevated Romania's maternal mortality rate to the highest in Europe: 87 percent of maternal deaths were attributed to complications from illegal abortion."
Image for Mexican labor unions shocked out of lethargy
Aug 8, 2022. La Jornada interviewed UCLA Center for Mexican Studies Director Gaspar Rivera-Salgado about labor reform in Mexico and the work of the UCLA Labor Center there:
“Mexico City. Gaspar Rivera-Salgado looks from Los Angeles at the 'incredible context of change' in Mexico, particularly in the world of work, as a result of a labor reform that has shaken a sector that lived in lethargy for 70 years: ‘All the unions are as if they had suddenly been given electric shocks. Now they must have their batteries in place, because the entire legal, economic, but also political, framework is being redone.'" (In Spanish)
Image for Focusing on local responses to ecological change
Aug. 3, 2022. Stephen Acabdao, director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies, attended a workshop at the PSU Caramoan campus in the Phillipines sponsored by the Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia (PEMSEA). The program, he said to, will “empower descendant communities that can provide compelling narratives for SEA cultural identities and highlight indigenous histories, which are typically absent from national historical narratives.”