María Carreira
California State University, Long Beach
Campus Mail Code: Co-Director for Language Teaching (Cal State Long Beach)
Keywords: Geography, Africa, Gender, Brazil, UCLA, Globalization, African Diaspora, Women's Studies, Environment, Black Atlantic, Agricultural Development, Mexico, Peru, Argentina

is a professor of Spanish at California State University, Long Beach. She was the co-organizer of the first national conference on heritage languages (1999). She is the co-author of a first-year textbook for Spanish (2004) and of a book for heritage speakers of Spanish. Her research interests include phonology, Spanish in the U.S., sociolinguistics, heritage languages, and educational linguistics. Carreira designed a curriculum for heritage speakers of Spanish for Westminster High School (Westminster, CA) pursuant to a Department of Education Title VII grant. She is the co-director of two of the National Heritage Language Resource Center's projects: designing a generic curriculum and creating language-specific materials for heritage language instruction. She is also a co-author of the preliminary report on the NHLRC's survey of college-level heritage learners.