New Courses & Programs Under Development

These initiatives are funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation( to support International and Area Studies at UCLA.

New Materials and Inter-disciplinary Methods in 20th-century Chinese Studies

Asia Institute

In partnership with the Department of History at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Asia Institute plans to offer two-week summer text and translation workshop, August 4-15, 2014. Participants will include students for the US and China.

New Course for summer 2014, International Conflict Resolution in the 21st Century

Burkle Center for International Relations

This course provides students with an introduction to the theory and practice of international conflict resolution. It will highlight recent developments and emphasize the role of economic and community development in conflict resolution and peace-building.

Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Instruction and TOEFL/GRE Summer Program

Center for Brazilian Studies

A bi-annual eight week evening program for UCLA students and professionals in training, as well as faculty and the community at large on Portuguese for professionals. The aim is to teach Portuguese conversational skills as well as professional medical or business Portuguese for individuals who will be working, studying or conducting research in Brazil.

TOEFL/GRE Summer Program for Brazilian Students

Center for Brazilian Studies

A six week program during the summer of 2014 to prospective UCLA applicants from Brazil with the aim of increasing their English proficiency for improvement of TOEFL scores and GRE scores for graduate applicants.

New Course for Summer 2014,Political Economy of European Integration

Center for European and Eurasian Studies

CEES will develop a course on the Political Economy of European Integration, and offer the course in summer 2014 with the long term goal of building a core curriculum in European Union studies at UCLA.

Filipino Diaspora: History, Migration, and Literature

Center for Southeast Asian Studies

A survey of the Filipino community in Southern California to evaluate their interest in a UCLA seminar on Filipino Diaspora.

Online Certificate in Heritage Language Instruction

Center for World Languages

A curricular blue print for a certificate in Heritage Language instruction, and pilot for one of the courses identified within this blue print, with the eventual goal of creating an online certificate program for teachers of heritage languages. The final certificate will be 5-6 courses offered on line.

New course for Summer 2014, International Area Studies Internship course

International & Area Studies - Interdepartmental Degree Programs

Internship in corporate, governmental, or nonprofit setting coordinated through Center for Community Learning. International & Area Studies 195CE, Community and Corporate Internships in International & Area Studies. Limited to juniors/seniors.

New course for summer 2014, Global Health, Poverty and Development

International Development Studies - Interdepartmental Degree Programs

This interdisciplinary course is designed to introduce students to the some of the key issues in the area of global health. The course provides a basis for understanding current debates that frame global health problems and actions with a particular political-economy perspective.

Global Fellows Certificate Program

Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies

The Terasaki Center Certificate Program for visiting fellows. The goal of this program is to support visiting professionals at UCLA, and it is designed to forge collaborative ties between these scholars and those working in a variety of fields outside of academia, both in Japan and abroad. This project will ensure that UCLA expands its role as a vital center for research, training,and scholarly exchange relating to Japan. Visiting fellows will come for a two week intensive program.