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Faculty in the News

Nov 1, 2023. Speaking to The Guardian about law suits being filed by Palestinian Americans against the State Department for failure to repatriate faimily members from Gaza, Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala commented, “There really is no legal obligation to protect or repatriate American citizens. Under international law, countries always have the right, but not necessarily the duty to protect.” But, he said, they have political and moral incentives to do so. “That is a key reason we have embassies and consular officials posted around the world.”
Image for Indigenous Mexican migration and migrant communities
July 31, 2023. In an interview with La Jornada, Director of the Center for Mexican Studies Gaspar Rivera-Salgado speaks about the Mixtec understanding of mobility and work — and how there is no word for migrant in their language. A day earlier, he spoke with La Opinión on the occasion of Oaxacan Heritage Month in Southern California and noted how Oaxacan migrant communities sustain deep connections to their culture and hometowns .
Image for Aomar Boum
Anthropologist Aomar Boum, Maurice Amado Professor of Sephardic Studies at UCLA, has received the top award (“Gold Medal”) for 2023 graphic novel/drawn work from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) for his work of historical fiction, “Undesirables: A Holocaust Journey to North Africa” (Stanford, 2023), together with illustrator Nadjib Berber. The IPPY awards have recognized the best independently published books since 1997.