Eyewitness Venezuela

No coup! No sanctions! No war!

Eyewitness Venezuela

A talk featuring Gloria la Riva

Friday, May 3, 2019
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Dodd 167
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On the heels of a month-long trip through Venezuela in the midst of growing U.S. aggression, anti-war activist Gloria La Riva will speakin numerous cities on the current situation in Venezuela with a progressive perspective on the crucial issues facing the Venezuelan people: the U.S. economic, the U.S. media blockade, and the people's organizing efforts to overcome the aggression. La Riva will show exclusive first-hand video footage from her trip and answer the questions:

What is the Bolivarian Revolution all about?
Is Venezuela suffering an economic collapse? 
What is the role of the U.S?
Is the danger of U.S. war near?
How can people in the United States get involved?

Cost: Free & Open to the Public

Download File: GLRlettersize-r1-0gi.pdf

Sponsor(s): Program on Caribbean Studies, Latin American Institute, UNICA, MEChA, Anakbayan, Answer Coalition