"Dissolving Localities" - A multimedia portrait of Jerusalem by Emmanuel Witzthum

Podcast introduction of an audio/visual project in which the sights and sounds of daily life in Jerusalem are transformed into a work of art.

Emmanuel Witzthum’s multimedia project, Dissolving Localities, focuses on the layers that compose the city of Jerusalem. Witzhum and his collaborating artists “perform” the city as a musical/visual instrument. By interweaving sights and sounds recorded over several years and ranging from birds’ songs to street noise, from prayer fragments to church bells, the project creates an expanding open-source multimedia montage, highlighting contrasts and unexpected harmonies. The piece transforms daily life into a work of art, creating a multicultural dialogue that represents the complexity and diversity of life in Jerusalem. Nature, people, industry and religion provide the source material, including field recordings of the prayers of Jerusalem’s three monotheistic religions.

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Duration: 20:30