2/22: The critically acclaimed Israeli author of the award-winning novel "Waking Lions" will discuss her latest work
Photos courtesy of Nir Kafri and Little, Brown and Company
Postdoc Shaiel Ben-Ephraim assesses the impacts of the Trump administration on settlements & the peace process
Center Visiting Asst. Prof. Daniel Stein Kokin is using his background in Jewish & ancient history to educate students about modern Israel
Israeli medical clowns visited patients, scholars and students during their tour of UCLA organized by the Center
Israeli medical clown David Barashi leading a Theater Department workshop
Marisol Fernandez '16 recalls her trip to Israel and the opportunities she had to explore the country's diversity
Picking apples in Buk'ata, a Druze village in the Golan Heights. Photo courtesy of Marisol Fernandez


A Conversation with "Waking Lions" Author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
The roar of the desert - a journey to Israel's back yard in "Waking Lions"
Thursday, February 22, 2018
7:15 PM


Guest Column

Trump and the settlements: No cause for optimism or pessimism

Y&S Nazarian Center Postdoctoral Fellow Shaiel Ben-Ephraim assesses Israel's settlement policies and prospects for the peace process under the Trump administration.

Not your typical historian

Y&S Nazarian Center Visiting Assistant Professor uses his academic background in the Classics as well as Renaissance and Jewish history to teach a variety of courses covering modern Israel sponsored by the Center.

Center hosts Israeli medical clowns on tour across campus

The Y&S Nazarian Center organized a wide range of events with the professional medical clowns involving the theater and anthropology departments as well as UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.

Guest Column

Partial partitions: Reflections on divisions of Palestine/Israel imagined and realized

Seventy years after the United Nations voted to partition the territory of the British Mandate of Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian states, Visiting Assistant Professor Daniel Stein Kokin sees striking similarities between modern efforts to resolve territorial disputes and the original partition plan.


Visiting Assistant Professor organizing event on earliest known Hebrew play

Center Visiting Faculty Member Daniel Stein Kokin's program this Wednesday, February 7 will look at the earliest known Hebrew play, the "Comedy of Betrothal" of Leonne De' Sommi from mid-16th Century Mantua. Stein Kokin and his co-organizer will present the background and read in English, Hebrew and Italian selections from the work and provide commentary at "Women, Weddings, and Reversals: Hebrew Comedies of the Renaissance and Baroque."

Monday, February 05, 2018

Faculty Advisory Board Member joins student-organized event

Y&S Nazarian Center Student Advisory Councilmember and second-year law student Amit Liran organized an event yesterday, January 29 on the challenges facing lawyers advising governments on national security issues that featured Faculty Advisory Board member Norman Abrams as a moderator. The Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus spoke to Marlene Mazel - the Israeli Ministry of Justice's Director of the Counter-Terrorism & Foreign Litigation Department - after her remarks at the event "The Role of a National Security Law Advisor: An Insider's View."

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Opportunity for undergrads to conduct reseach on Israel at UCLA
Undergraduate students are invited to assist a senior Center researcher compile a primer on Israel.

PhD scholarship from Ben-Gurion University's Israel Studies Center
PhD scholarships are available to join the lab (research team) "World Jewry - Views from Israel."

Highlights from 2017
In the last twelve months, the Center reached UCLA students in departments across campus through new courses & public programs and supported scholars and students doing research on Israel.

Center sponsoring range of new courses in Winter
The new classes organized by the Y&S Nazarian Center will cover everything from the political economy of Israel to the history of Israel's relations with European countries.