Hebrew U. Professor Uri Yanay will discuss Israeli-Palestinian interpersonal justice initiatives on 2/23
Palestinian and Israeli peace demonstration (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sekerka/Shutterstock.com)
The Y&S Nazarian Center was recently featured on the student-run UCLA Radio program "Small Talk."
Photo courtesy of UCLA Radio
Center Postdoctoral Fellow Roni Golan went from working as an engineer in Israel to conducting real estate research at UCLA.
A wide range of courses in Winter 2017 are available for Israel Studies minors and others interested in learning more about Israel.



Attempting to Find Justice in Israel Through Caring

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professor Uri Yanay is an expert in “restorative justice,” a method for achieving justice outside of courtrooms. While at UCLA, Yanay will give a talk sponsored by the Y&S Nazarian Center on grassroots restorative justice efforts involving Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel and the Rise of Iran in an Era of Weak Arab States

Tel Aviv University professor and prominent Middle East historian Asher Susser spoke about the rise of Islamic radicalism, the shifting balance of power to Iran in the Middle East, and the potential implications of Iranian expansionism for Israel.

Israeli Security: Historical Factors and Modern Challenges

In a talk hosted by the Y&S Nazarian Center, Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University spoke about traditional Israeli security issues and the new threats posed by years of regional instability.

Israel Among Countries Facing Challenges to Democracy

Professor Itzhak Galnoor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem spoke about the weakening commitment to democratic principles in Israel and across the globe on Monday, but also left room for optimism about the future.


Center Research Fellow to Present at USC

On February 8th, Center Research Fellow Nadav Molchadsky will present his paper "Absent Children in a Captured Society: Israeli Discourse about the Missing Children Affair" that explores the two major explanations of the “Yemenite children affair” at USC Center for Law, History and Culture.

VIDEO: Center Research Fellow Gives Talk on "Yemenite Children Affair"

Center Research Fellow Nadav Molchadsky spoke at Bar-Ilan University about his current research focus: commissions of inquiry and the Israeli discourse surrounding the "Yemenite Children Affair." This is part of Molchadsky's larger investigation into Israeli commissions of inquiry into national traumas. NOTE: the video is in Hebrew.


Y&S Nazarian Center Featured on UCLA Radio
Deputy Director Maura Resnick was joined by writer and Y&S Nazarian Center volunteer Daniel Housman for an episode of the student-run radio station's “Small Talk” program.

New Video Features Students from Center's First "Fiat Lux" Class
The two students discussed the "Fiat Lux" that covered Israel's democracy and government since its foundation, what they learned during the course, and why they decided to take the class in the first place.