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Nazarian Center Scholar Publications

The Nazarian Center is dedicated to advancing knowledge about the modern state of Israel. As part of these efforts, the Center supports academic research in Israel Studies by UCLA and visiting scholars, including post-doctoral fellow and graduate student researchers.

Below is a list of books, book chapters and articles resulting from research conducted with support from the Y&S Nazarian Center.


Books and Book Chapters

Nili Alon Amit, On Happy Souls: The History of Soul in Western Culture,  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Forthcoming 2021.

Liron Lavi, Na’ama Rivlin-Angert, Clareta Treger, and Michal Shamir, "Third Time’s the Charm: The Effect of the 2019-2020 Three Election Cycles on Israelis’ Subjective Sense of Representation," in Elections in Israel 2019-20, Transaction Publishers, Forthcoming.

Uri Dorchin and Gabriella Djerrahian, Blackness in Israel: Rethinking Racial Boundaries, Routledge, November 2020. 

Omri Asscher, Reading Across Borders: Israel, America, and the Politics of Translation Between Jews. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 2019.

Abigail Jacobson and Moshe Naor, Oriental Neighbors: Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs in Mandatory Palestine*, Brandeis University PressSchusterman Series in Israel Studies, 2016. (Winner of the Association for Israel Studies' Shapiro Prize for best book in 2016)

Ayelet Harel-Shalev and Shir Daphna-Tekoah, “Gendering Conflict Analysis – Analyzing Israeli Female Combatants' Experiences,” Chapter 4 in Female Combatants in Conflict and Peace, edited by Seema Shekhawat, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Ayelet Harel-Shalev, The Challenge of Democracy: Citizenship, Rights, and Ethnic Conflicts in India and Israel, South Asian edition, including a new Introduction. New-Delhi: Cambridge University Press and Foundation Books, 2013.




Asscher, Omri "Exporting Political Theology to the Diaspora: Translating Rabbi Kook for Modern Orthodox Consumption," Meta 65:2, 292-311, 2021.

Liron Lavi, “Time and Meaning-Making in the Hybrid Media: Evidence from the 2016 U.S. Election,” Journal of Communication, April 2020.

Ben-Ephraim, Shaiel, "'Therefore They Shouldn’t Exist’: The Carter Administration, the ‘Israel Lobby' and the Sinai Settlements," The International History Review, January 2019.

Roni Golan and Stuart Gabriel. "Housing Affordability and Inequality: A Normative Approach,"Innovations in Management, June 2018 (in Hebrew). With Danny Ben-Shahar.

Roni Golan and Stuart Gabriel. "Can't Get There from Here: Affordability Distance to a Superstar City,"
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2018. With Danny Ben-Shahar.

Roni Golan and Stuart Gabriel. "Housing Affordability and Inequality: A Consumption-Adjusted Approach,"
Journal of Housing Economics, 2018. With Danny Ben-Shahar.

Ben-Ephraim, Shaiel, "Distraction and Deception: Israeli Settlements, Vietnam, and the Johnson Administration,"
Diplomatic History, November 2017.

Michael Beenstock, "Does foreign direct investment polarize regional earnings? Some evidence from Israel,"
Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 10(3): 385-409, October 2017. With Daniel Felsenstein.

Michael Beenstock, "How Internally Mobile is Capital?",
Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, May 2017.

Michael Beenstock, Aamer Abu-Qan and Muhammad Asali, "The Cycle of Violence in the Second Intifada: Nonlinear Vector Autoregressions,"
Journal of Applied Econometrics, February 2017.

Ayelet Harel-Shalev and Shir Daphna-Tekoah, "Bringing Women's voices back in – Female Soldiers in Conflict Zones,"
International Studies Review, 2016.

Ayelet Harel-Shalev and Sarina Chen, "Democracy and Ultra-Nationalism – Normative Duality in Deeply Divided Society,"
Theory and Criticism, 44, Spring 2015: 9-33. In Hebrew.

Liron Lavi, "Voter Election Frames: What Were the Elections About?",
Political Studies 63(5), December 2015, with Jacob Shamir and Michal Shamir.

Liron Lavi, “The Process of National Parties Decay in Municipal Elections – A Houdini Trick or Pure Rationality”
in Local Democracy in Israel: Decentralization, Localism, Participation and Local Politics. Beeri, I. and E. Razin (Eds.), Floersheimer Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2015, with Hani Zubida (Hebrew).

Ayelet Harel-Shalev, “Hybridity and Israel Democratic Order – The End of Imperfect Balance?”,
Contemporary Review of the Middle East, 1 (Inaugural Issue), 2014. With Ilan Peleg.

Ayelet Harel-Shalev, “Living in a Movie - Women Combatants in Conflict Zones – A Multilayered Analysis,”
Women's Studies International Forum, 44, 2014. With Shir Daphna Tekoah.

Ayelet Harel-Shalev, “Implementing Democracy and Minority Rights in Deeply Divided Societies: Comparing Macedonia and Israel,”
New Balkan Politics, 2013.

Nadav Molchadsky, “The Concept: The Agranat Commission Report and the Making of Israeli Memory of the Yom Kippur War,”
Iyunim Bitkumat Israel (Studies in Israeli and modern Jewish Society), Vol. 23 (2013), pp. 34-64 (in Hebrew).


Publications by Center-Supported Graduate Students

Yael Assor and Yehuda C. Goodman, "Beyond Ethics: Professionalism and Social Belonging in Social Workers’ Moral Deliberations," Ethnos, February 2019.

Scott Abramson, "A Historical Inquiry into Early Israeli-Kurdish Contact," Journal of Middle East and Africa 9 No. 4, December 2018.

Melissa Melpignano, "Choreography of Sirens: The Performance of State of Emergency in Tel Aviv," TDR/The Drama Review Forthcoming.


*Authors' note on the term 'Oriental': "The English term used...by the Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewish communities, in their official documents, was "Oriental Jews." In this book...we also include some other terms that were used by certain groups or individuals to refer to themselves." - see Introduction)