Video: Interview with Hebrew University Professor Uri Yanay

Associate Professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Social Work and former Israel Institute Fellow at UCLA Uri Yanay spoke with the Y&S Nazarian Center about "restorative justice" in Israel, a topic he addressed in a lecture sponsored by the Center. Below are Professor Yanay's responses to questions about restorative justice processes used to address criminal cases in Israel as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What is restorative justice and how does it differ in terms of process and results from traditional criminal justice processes?



What is the history of restorative justice in Israel?



How is restorative justice being used in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


What are the goals of the organizations bringing together Israelis and Palestinians affected by the conflict and what have the impacts of these programs been?



‚Äč How are the restorative justice programs addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict different from similar programs in other countries dealing with conflicts?