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2021-2022 Editorial Board



Brisa Smith Flores: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance (Masters of Liberal Arts, Cert. Cultural Heritage Management, University of Pennsylvania, 2018; B.A., Art History, History, and Global and International Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, 2016). Current research: Decolonial/Postcolonial Theory, African Diaspora Studies, Latin American Studies, Museum Studies. 

Desmond Fonseca: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of History. (B.A. History and Africana Studies, Tufts University, 2020); Current research: Anti-colonialism, Lusophone Africa, Political Legacies of Amilcar Cabral, Pan-Africanism, Black Radical Traditions, Afrocentrism. 


Marcus Amico: M.A. Student, UCLA African Studies Program.  

Adam Benjamin: M.A. Student, UCLA African Studies Program.

Amy Crum: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of Art History (M.A., Art History, Tulane University, 2019; B.A., Art History, UCLA, 2012). 

Sara Hussein: Ph.D Student UCLA Department of History (MA, Middle East Studies, The American University in Cairo; BA, Political Science, University of Tennessee); Research interests: Modern Egyptian history, Pan-Africanism, Afro-Arab Anti-colonial Solidarities, Nasserism

Samuel Lamontagne: Ph.D Candidate, UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology (M.A. Anthropology, EHESS-Paris, 2015). Current research: Music across the African diaspora. Dissertation on Los Angeles hip-hop and electronic music scenes. 

Chris Martinez: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of History (A.B. American Studies, Brown University, 2018). Current research: Pan-Africanism, Anti-colonialism, Nkrumahism-Touréism, Guinea, Islam and Sufism in West Africa

Dexter Story: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology. 


Arts Editors:

Ava Katarina Tabatabai Hess: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of Art History (M. Sc.Visual, Material & Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford, 2014; B.A. Middle Eastern, South Asian, & African Studies, Columbia University, 2012). Current research: South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA), narrative Islamic art, histories of trans-Saharan connectivity, decolonial theory, critical museum studies. 

Sunny Chen: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of History (B.A. History, Columbia University 2020). Research interests: Arab intellectual history, French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon, global migration, environmental history, cultural heritage preservation.

Book Review Editors:

Lucas Avidan: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology (M.A. Ethnomusicology, UCLA, 2019; B.A. Music and English, Middlebury College, 2015). Current research: popular music in Tanzania, social media, music as archive.

Jewell Humphrey: Ph.D. Student, UCLA Anthropology (B.A. Africana Studies, Howard University 2020). Current research: Africana archaeology, maritime archaeology, & Black digital humanities.

Cameron Mouton: B.A, UCLA, American Literature and Culture, 2022; Current scholarly interests: Afrofuturism and Black Media Studies. 

Issues Editor:

Broderick Dunlap, M.A. Student, UCLA Department of African American Studies, current research: reparations, intellectual histories of radical black grassroots movements.

Previous Editors-in-Chief:

Talia LieberPh.D. Student, UCLA Department of Art History (M.A. Art History, UCLA, 2019; B.A., Art History and International Relations, Tufts University, 2013). Current research: historic and contemporary Rwandan art, arts of eastern Africa, museum studies.

Rebecca Wolff
Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA Department of Art History (M.A., Art History, Columbia University, 2014; B.A., English Honors and Art History, University of Texas at Austin, 2011). Current research: modern and contemporary African art, art and armed conflict.

Janice Levi: Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA Department of History (M.A., African Studies, Indiana University, 2011; B.A., History, University of Oklahoma, 2007). Current research: Judaism in West Africa, Identity Studies, Memory Studies, Material Culture.

Nana Osei-Opare: Ph.D., UCLA Department of History (M.A., History, Stanford University, 2011; A.B. with Honors, History, Stanford University, 2011). Current research: Intellectual African History, Nkrumaism, Ghana, Convention People's Party, State Capitalism, Modernization, Soviet Influences upon Africa and African influences upon the Soviet Union, & Intellectual Networks.

Madina Thiam: Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA Department of History (B.A., History and International Affairs, The George Washington University, 2012). Current research: the West African Sahel, Islam, mobility and freedom, global history, microhistory.


*Image: Founding editors Teshome Gabriel and Sondra Hale