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Invitations, Guest Folders, Event Itinerary

Initial Invitation:

Potential guests should be contacted as early as possible, even if a final date for the Conference or Lecture series has not been confirmed.  This will ensure that potential guests have ample opportunity to adjust their schedule to accommodate your event. 

Click here for a sample invitation letter.   

Follow-up E-mails:

Once the speaker has accepted, it is good to gather the following information as soon as possible.

  1. Title of Paper or Presentation
  2. SS#
  3. Home address, dept. address.
  4. AV equipment requirements
  5. Visa information: Make sure to find out what visa the guest will be traveling on. See Travel and Reimbursement for further details.

Final Pre-event e-mail:

A final E-mail should be sent to all Conference or Lecture Series participants a few weeks prior to the event confirming all details and itinerary.  This should include:

  1. A final confirmation of all hotel reservations
  2. Dinner locations
  3. AV equipment reservations
  4. Reimbursement information 
  5. A detailed itinerary of the event.

Please Click here for a sample.

Guest Folders:

It is customary to provide Guest Folders for arriving participants. These should be left in their hotel rooms for pick-up. Folders should include the following information:

  1. Reimbursement forms
  2. Conference Schedule
  3. Copy of final E-mail with itinerary etc.
  4. Campus Map

Download file: conferenceschedulelettersample.pdf