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Ecuador in CrisisImage by Santiago Gonzalez from Pixabay

Ecuador in Crisis

A Roundtable Discussion


Ecuador has been roiled by violence as local gangs, Mexican cartels and even the Albanian Mafia have taken over global cocaine supply routes from the major port city of Guayaquil. This comes in the context of the assassination of a presidential candidate last summer, as well as constant street violence, extortion, and kidnappings. After President Daniel Noboa declared a state of civil emergency, gangs terrorized the streets, prison riots allowed gang leaders to escape, and a generalized terror gripped the country, most visibly in the armed takeover of a TV station during a live broadcast. Ecuador used to be known mainly for its flowers, bananas, chocolate, along with its stunning landscapes and ayahuasca retreats. What underpins this very dark turn? Our round table will help explain. 


José Cueva 
Observatorio Ambiental y Social del Norte del Ecuador 

Ana María Durán
 Department of Urban Planning, UCLA

Marcos Colón
 Florida State University

(Event in Spanish and English)

Cost : Free

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Download file: Ecuador-in-Crisis-A-Roundtable-Discussion-03-gdg.pdf

Sponsor(s): Center for Brazilian Studies, Latin American Institute, Andean Working Group, Institute on Equality and Democracy

29 Feb 24
11:00 AM -

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