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Courses below qualify for the Israel Studies minor offered by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and may qualify for other majors and minors. More information on the Israel Studies minor can be found on the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department website. Search for classes below.


Winter 2021


Middle Eastern/Jewish Studies M142 – Modern Israel: Politics, Society, and Culture
Tue/Thu | 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Instructor: Menachem Hofnung
Course Description: Explores the evolution of Israel - its changing society, volatile domestic and foreign politics, and dynamic culture - from its foundation in 1948 to the present, in the context of global political and cultural change and a changing Jewish world. The class will look at Israel as a Jewish state that is also home to multiple ethnic, religious and cultural groups; a safe haven for the Jewish people but which has faced insecurity and ongoing war; and a democracy that contends with multiple strains on its democratic system. Note: This is a required course for the Israel Studies minor.

Middle East Studies 177 – History of Israel's Foreign Relations
Mon/Wed | 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM 
Instructor: Scott Abramson
Course Description: Examines Israel’s foreign relations and its position in the international system, from pre-state Zionist diplomacy to the present, including multiple shifts in Israel’s acceptance in the community of nations. Considering political, economic and military/geostrategic aspects, the course will explore the realignments and reversals that have characterized Israel’s foreign relations - making them more variable than those of any other democracy that has also never known a revolution or a coup d'état.

Com Lit/Jewish Studies M162 – Israel Seen Through Its Literature
Mon/Wed | 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Instructor: Ethan Pack
Course Description: Covers a diverse selection of Hebrew and Arabic literature written over the last century, including poetry, novels, and short fiction (with brief forays into contemporary Israeli film and pop music). Discussions will consider the pride of place accorded to literature in both modern Jewish and Arab culture generally, and the outsized role that the world of letters has played in the formation of Israeli society and in the defining events of Israeli life.


For questions whether a course will count toward another major or minor, please consult your departmental Student Affairs Officer.



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