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Students may take courses related to Israel in a wide range of disciplines. The listings below include courses that currently qualify for credit towards the Israel Studies minor offered by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (a few exceptions may apply).


More information on the Israel Studies minor can be found here and on the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department website.


Fall 2019 Courses

Crs # Sbj Area Ctg # Crs Title Instructor Day(s) & Times Location
324499202 Political Science 139 Special Studies in International Relations: U.S.-Israel Relations: Anatomy of Special Relationship Shaiel Ben-Ephraim Dodd Hall Room 121
293201200 Jewish Studies M67 Popular Jewish and Israeli Music Uri Dorchin and Lorry Black Schoenberg Music Building Room 1420
356378200 Theater 113 Special Topics in Critical Studies: Contemporary Israeli Drama Yoav Szutan Goshen Macgowan Hall Room 2310C
196529201 English M138 Topics in Creative Writing: Psychology of Writing Ayelet Gundar-Goshen Renee and David Kaplan Hall Room 222B
324423202 Political Science 120B World Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy after September 11 Soumitra Chatterjee Royce Hall Room 190
406153200 Middle Eastern Studies M50CW Making and Studying Modern Middle East Luke Yarbrough Haines Hall Room 118
293762200 Jewish Studies 175 Modern Israeli Literature Made into Films Lev Hakak Dodd Hall Room 170
293672200 Jewish Studies M162 Israel Seen through Its Literature , Renee and David Kaplan Hall Room A48
290692200 Hebrew C140 Modern Hebrew Poetry and Prose Lev Hakak Renee and David Kaplan Hall Room 372
327360200 Study of Religion 110 Religion and Violence Simon Joseph Royce Hall Room 150
290005200 Hebrew 1A Elementary Hebrew Nancy Ezer Bunche Hall Room 2156
290396200 Hebrew 102A Intermediate Hebrew Nancy Ezer Bunche Hall Room 2156
287014201 Arabic 1A Elementary Standard Arabic Azza Ahmad Various Rooms
287323201 Arabic 102A Intermediate Standard Arabic Abeer Hamza Various Rooms
287342200 ARABIC 103A Advanced Arabic Abeer Hamza Kaufman Hall Room 136


Archived Course Lists