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2016-17 Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Faculty Research Grants

Nadav Molchadsky | Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies/Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Research Project Title: History in the Public Courtroom: Commissions of Inquiry and Struggles Over the History and Memory of Israeli Traumas

Project Description: Molchadsky's research provides a unique perspective on the ways in which Israeli society and polity have been grappling with some of the most vexing chapters in the history of the country. The research explores a range of complex issues including the 1948 War, the Arab-Israel War of October 1973 (the Yom Kippur war), the assassination of the Zionist leader Chaim Arlosoroff, and more. The study does so through the lens of state and military commissions of inquiry, which ideally aim to address and assuage social and political tensions embedded in the nation's past, both recent and distant.

Dominique Sportiche | Linguistics

Research Project Title: Resumption in Modern Hebrew

Project Description: Sportiche's research investigates particular grammatical aspects of (Modern) Hebrew (Resumption) which are (i) insufficiently understood and (ii) theoretically important. The two main objectives of the research are (i) furthering understanding of how Modern Hebrew functions in these central areas and (ii) exploring how the structure of Modern Hebrew sheds light on how human languages function in general.

Graduate Student Research Fellowships

Arnon Degani | History

Research Project Title: "Our Arabs": The Incorporation of the Palestinians-Arabs into Israeli Society, 1948-1967

Project Description: This project explores the daily life of the Palestinian-Arabs in Israel between 1948 and 1967. During this time period, the state endowed this community with nominal citizenship while at the same time subjecting it to martial law and a wide array of other discriminatory policies. At the center of Degani's work is a careful reconstruction of daily negotiations between the Palestinian-Arabs and Israeli state organs.

Yael Assor | Anthropology

Research Project Title: The Ethical Conduct of the Medical Package Committee

Project Description: This anthropological research examines how expectations in Israeli public media about the ethical conduct of the Medical Package Committee inform its decision-making process. The Medical Package Committee determines state subsidies for new medical treatments in Israel's nationalized healthcare system. Since all Israelis have life-and-death stakes in the committee's decisions, its ethical conduct is the subject of vibrant public discussion. This research examines how public expectations affect the ways in which committee members face moral considerations in their everyday work.

Sarah Johnson | History

Research Project Title: Transplanting German Jewry: The Consolidation of German-Jewish Self-Help Organizations in Palestine, 1933-1936

Project Description: In the wake of the Nazi rise to power in 1933, the number of German Jews emigrating to the British Mandate of Palestine increased dramatically. To assist this new wave of emigration, the Association for German Immigrants and the Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews were founded with the main objective of assisting German Jews in successfully assimilating into the Yishuv. Though initially founded separately, by 1935, they had combined their efforts to more comprehensively address the many problems and obstacles faced by German immigrants. This project will examine the way in which these two German self-help organizations grew out of the unique demands facing German immigrants in the Yishuv in the early 1930's, and particularly how they operated both independently, and, later, in cooperation as well.

Molly Oringer | Anthropology

Research Project Title: Colonial Affinity: French Jewish Education, Political Zionism, and National Belonging in Morocco

Project Description: Jewish institutions established in French colonies and protectorates across the Mediterranean Middle East served as spaces in which citizens of all creeds grappled with meanings of cosmopolitanism, belonging, and citizenship under the French empire. The most prominent of these institutions was the Alliance Israelite Universelle (AIU), a contingent of primary and secondary schools uniting Jews in the Balkans, North Africa, the Levant, and Turkey through an appreciation for French language, culture, and emancipatory values. As political Zionism took root and spread from Europe, Jews in Middle Eastern communities debated how to support a Jewish state while remaining loyal to the tenets of Francophonie and local nationalist projects. This project will connect the history of Middle Eastern Jews to their affiliation with the French imperial project, whose strong connection to the Jewish communities in both Lebanon and Morocco shaped the ways in which Jews imagined their belonging to the national community and to the French world at large.

Travel Grants


• Simone Salmon
Research Project Title: Solitreo Workshop (workshop on reading Ladino/Judezmo)
• Nadia Ben-Marzouk
Research Project Title: Publishing the Metal from Jaffa's Area A Excavations


• Sara Hughes
Conference: American Association of Geographers Annual Conference 2017
   • Paper Title: Unbounded Territoriality: Territorial Control in the Occupied West Bank


 • Marisol Fernandez
Intensive Language Study - The School of Hebrew at Middlebury College

Mudie Glaser Scholarship

Study Abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

• Megan Remington
• Aixian Yuan
• Ramses Bulatao
• Rebecca Handler

Harry Sigman Scholarship

• Desirae Lawton Horovitz
Junior Year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
• Jonathan Dolgin
Second Year of Law School at the Tel Aviv University Law School