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Announcing our Winter Quarter line up of classes

Courses sponsored by the Center will count towards degree requirements for a variety of majors and minors and cover diverse topics, including U.S.-Israel relations, Israeli drama and Israeli music.

Winter 2020 Courses

The Center is sponsoring a variety of courses for the Israel Studies minor in Winter Quarter 2020. Find out which degrees these courses can count towards.

Courses are listed in alphabetical order by the first word of the course title. Additional courses that can count towards the Israel Studies Minor can be found on the Courses page of the Center website.


Anthropology 149 - Selected Topics in Social Anthropology: Social Debates and Popular Culture in Israel
Instructor: Professor Uri Dorchin
Tuesday, Thursday | 2:00-3:15 PM
Course Description: Exploration of popular culture in Israel, past and present. Examination of pop culture's role in generating social processes within Israeli society–including formation of Israeli nationalism, collective memory, myths, and stereotypes–and its implications for Israel's relations with neighboring societies and beyond.

Sociology 180A - Special Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Work
Instructor: Dr. Assaf Bondy
Tuesday, Thursday | 3:30-4:45 PM
Course Description: The course will discuss the various ways we think and experience the concept of work through different perspectives. It will also examine conflicts surrounding work and its regulation in modern society. Empirical cases and examples will be analyzed throughout the course, focusing mainly on the U.S., Israel/Palestine and selected EU countries.


Comparative Literature 191 - Variable Topics in Comparative Literature: On Happiness: Literary History, from Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel
Instructor: Dr. Nili Alon Amit
Monday, Wednesday | 2:00-3:15 PM
Course Description: This course will follow the development of the concept of happiness from the Ancient Near East to modernity, and explore how they were presented in literature from the Old Testament, through classical and medieval authors, to the prose and poetry of early American and Israeli pioneers.


Jewish Studies/Middle Eastern Studies M144 - Zionism: Ideology and Practice in Making of Jewish State
Instructor: Dr. Scott Abramson
Tuesday, Thursday | 12:30-1:45 PM
Course Description: Exploration of the cultural, intellectual and political roots of modern Zionism from the 19th Century to the inception of the State of Israel in 1948, on the backdrop of European, world, and Jewish histories.

 If you plan on taking one of these courses and counting it towards a degree beyond the degree(s) which the course can count towards as listed on the schedule of classes, please consult your departmental Student Affairs Officer.