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Israel is a small country that looms large in public and academic discourse. The passions it evokes often present obstacles to nuanced analysis and civil discussion. Understanding the complexities of modern Israel requires knowledge from many academic disciplines and an awareness of multiple viewpoints and narratives. Through a commitment to academic rigor, interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship, and a dispassionate approach, we seek to promote a broader and deeper understanding of Israel’s history, politics, society, and culture. 

At a time when discussions about Israel are often heated and becoming increasingly polarized, we also hope to foster a more nuanced and civil discourse about Israel, inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is education—to advance knowledge and academic scholarship about Israel—not advocacy. Nor do we evaluate guest speakers, affiliated faculty members, or students with regard to their political beliefs, affiliations, or positions. We are neither “pro-Israel” nor “anti-Israel.” Instead, we are a place, and an online space, for people to teach and learn about Israel, whatever their politics or backgrounds. 

I invite you to explore this website, watch our webinars, listen to our podcasts and attend our events.

Professor Dov Waxman
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Chair in Israel Studies