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4th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies

Photo for 4th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference

The UCLA Nazarian Center for Israel Studies was pleased to host its fourth annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies. This was a unique opportunity for undergraduate students (Bachelor's degree programs) to present and discuss their research on modern Israel (in any academic discipline). Students selected to showcase their work at the conference were invited to give a 10 to 12-minute presentation of their work and participate in a moderated Q&A with their peers. The 2022 virtual conference was open to student submissions from any campus in the United States and abroad.


Congratulations to Our Winning Presenters!

First Place: Jonah Fried (McGill University) for his paper "McGill University’s Arab-Israeli Conflict"

Second Place: Jonathan Katzman (Harvard University) for his paper "A Dependent ‘Special Relationship’: Jewish American Economists and the Liberalization of the Israeli Economy"


Watch the Fourth Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies

View the 2022 conference program here.


Opening & Closing Remarks by Professor Dov Waxman


Session I: Israeli & Zionist History


Session II: Israeli Politics


Session III: The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict



DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions of our guest speakers and the content of their presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the UCLA Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies. Hosting speakers does not constitute an endorsement of the speaker's views or opinions.