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ISRAEL IN DEPTH: "Public Enemy No. 1"


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Photo: Yonatan Sinde/Flash90

This season of Israel In Depth is co-sponsored by TLV1's podcast "Tel Aviv Review" and the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies. This episode is co-hosted by Gilad Halpern and Prof. Dov Waxman.


Israel in Depth, Episode 19

Yuli Novak, the former director of Breaking the Silence, the IDF veterans’ organization, reflects in her new memoir, Who Do You Think You Are, on her 2012-2017 tenure at the helm of the most reviled human rights group in Israel.

About the Book

"This is a story about a country that made me its enemy, and I have to find a way to stop this fight. In this story, I lose by knockout, among other things, because they made me fight with who I am. And, it turns out, this is an excellent recipe for breaking up the soul and breaking up a fight Political. And I fell into the trap." In the summer of 2017, after five tumultuous years, Yuli Novek finished her position as CEO of the Breaking the Silence organization and went out into the world, into nature, into other places, into the near and distant past, into the depths of the soul - to try to find a way back to a place that was once home. It is a travel story, a political manifesto, an illuminated book, a thriller, a love story, a personal testimony and an indictment - all of these and none of them. This is a collection of answers to questions that are scary to ask and questions that there is no way to answer yet. Mainly, it is an invitation: to join a journey that goes through the edges of the soul and insists on moving beyond the obvious, beyond the definitive knowledge of who we thought we were. who insists on turning his gaze to 




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