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Zionism and the Settler Colonial Paradigm | Dr. Arnon Degani

"Israel in Depth" Podcast Ep. 28

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In this season of Israel In Depth, host and Director of the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center, Professor Dov Waxman, and the Center's Israel Institute Fellow, Dr. Tamar Hofnung, will discuss various facets of the unfolding Israel–Hamas War with a range of experts across disciplines and backgrounds to help listeners understand this conflict in all of its complexities.

About the Episode

In this episode, Professor Dov Waxman talks with Dr. Arnon Degani about whether the concept of settler colonialism is a useful framework for understanding Zionism and the State of Israel.

About the Guest Speaker

Dr. Arnon Degani is a fellow at the Harman Center for Contemporary Jewry at Hebrew University and a research fellow at Molad, the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy. He is currently teaching an introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Lehigh University. Degani is a UCLA-trained historian of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict who is working on a book on the Integration of Palestinian Arabs into Israeli society. He is the writer and host of Hesket Oslo, a podcast about the Oslo peace process, currently being developed into an English version titled Still Processing. He has published several historically informed op-eds and essays about Zionism, the Palestinians, and the conflict between the two.



DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions of our guest speakers and the content of their presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the UCLA Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies. Hosting speakers does not constitute an endorsement of the speaker's views or opinions.