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Elizabeth Stein


2023–2024 Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Elizabeth Stein received her PhD in Political Studies at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research focuses on organizational divisions and political advocacy and activism among Jewish communities in the United States, France, and Canada, specifically on matters concerning Israel. Her dissertation examined why “pushback” advocacy and lobbying organizations are significantly less well-developed in France and Canada than they are in the US. Pushback organizations support Israel and a two-state solution, but generally oppose official Israeli positions concerning security and the Israel–Palestinian conflict, and what these organizations consider an illiberal drift among successive Israeli governments. During her time at the Nazarian Center, Dr. Stein will focus on advancing the geopolitical and political-psychology aspects of her research, develop it into a manuscript and articles for publication, and teach the course “Diaspora Politics” in the UCLA Department of Political Science.