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Y&S Nazarian Center to host gala anniversary event on May 5

Amos Oz and philanthropists Younes and Soraya Nazarian will receive awards at a celebration of the center's fifth anniversary.
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Renowned law professor Ruth Gavison to speak on Israel’s character as a Jewish state

One of the foremost legal scholars in Israel, Ruth Gavison will be speaking at the UCLA School of Law on Monday at 5:00pm.
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Dead-end in the Gaza Strip, stalemate in the peace process

The dug-in positions, deep pessimism and frustration of all parties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict mean that small confidence-building measures may be the only viable option at present.
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Nazarian Center’s "Israel in 3-D" event features lively panels, keynote by Dennis Ross

The Y&S Nazarian Center’s annual "one-day university" on Israel featured lively panel discussions of the Israeli high-tech sector, contemporary arts and the Jewish Renewal movement. In his keynote speech, U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross urged the Israelis and Palestinians to each take steps to assure the other of their commitment to the peace process.
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