Middle Eastern Identities Series

Egypt and the Fabrication of European Identity

  • "Archaeology and the Unconscious: Hegel, Egyptomania, and the Legitimation of Orientalism," Stuart Harten
  • "Jehova-Isis: The Mysteries of Egypt and the Quest for Natural Religion in the Age of Enlightenment," Jan Assman
  • Commentary by Stanley Burstein

Identity and Material Culture in the Early Islamic World

  • "Material Culture and Urban Identities: The Evidence of Pottery from the Early Islamic Period," Michael Morony
  • Response by Donald Whitcomb

Writing Identity in Medieval Cairo

  • "Fatimid Practice: A Parallax of Judgement," Irene A. Bierman
  • "Writing Identity in Medieval Cairo," Paula Sanders
  • Commentary by Jere L. Bacharach

The Cinema of Displacement: Middle Eastern Identities in Transition

  • "Recurring Themes in the Middle Eastern Cinema of Diaspora," Hamid Naficy
  • "Post-Third Worldist Culture: Gender, Nation and Diaspora in Middle Eastern Film/Video," Ella Habiba Shohat

The Civil Society Debate in Middle Eastern Studies?

  • "The Virtue of Studying Civil Society," Augustus Richard Norton
  • "Rethinking the Civil Society Approach to the Middle East: The Informal Economy as a Possible Alternative," Roger Owen
  • "Civil Society in the Shadow of the Egyptian State: The Role of Informal Networks in the Construction of Public Life," Diane Singerman
  • Commentary by James Gelvin

Art and Identity

  • "Art and Identity in the Thirteenth-Century Caucasus," Anthony Eastmond
  • "Art and the Articulation of Cultural Identity in the Thirteenth-Century Levant," Barbara Zeitler

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Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2004