Working Papers Series

These papers are available from the Center for Near Eastern Studies.

  1. Barbara Aswad, How the “Rich Peasant Mentality” and Welfare Affect Immigrant Arab Women and Employment Patterns in Michigan (1991)
  2. E. Mine Cinar, Labor Market Opportunities for Adult Females and Home-Working Women in Istanbul, Turkey (1991)
  3. Mervat F. Hatem, The Demise of Egyptian State Feminism and the Politics of Transition (1980-1991) (1991)
  4. Ellen Gruenbaum, Development Schemes, Cultural Debates and Rural Women's Health in Sudan (1991)
  5. Nüket Kardam, International Norms, the Turkish State and Women (1991)
  6. Mehdi Bozorgmehr, Georges Sabagh and Claudia Der-Martirosian, Religio-Ethnic Diversity among Iranians in Los Angeles (1991)
  7. Janet L. Abu-Lughod, The Planners' Dilemma: What To Do with an Historic Heritage (1992)
  8. Akilli Gursoy Tezcan, Infant Mortality: A Turkish Puzzle (1992)
  9. Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot, Women in Egypt: Gender Relations and Political Liberalization (1992)
  10. Sondra Hale, Gender, Islam and Politics in Sudan (1992)
  11. Zeynep Çelik, Urban Preservation as “Theme Park”: Istanbul in the 1980s (1992)
  12. Golnar Mehran, Female Education and Identity Formation in the Islamic Republic of Iran (1992)
  13. Barbara Lethem Ibrahim, Education, Development and Religious Values: The Challenges of Pluralism and Gender in the Muslim World (1992)
  14. Joseph Szyliowicz, Religious Education and the Future of the Turkish State (1992)
  15. Farshad Rastegar, The Mobilizing Role of Secular Education in Islamist Movements: The Case of Afghanistan (1992)
  16. Nagat El-Sanabary, The Saudi Arabian Model of Female Education and the Reproduction of Gender Divisions (1992)
  17. Byron Massialas, Female Education in the Arab World: Problems and Prospects (1992)
  18. Atho Mudzhar, Islamic Education in Indonesia: Modernization for Survival (1992)
  19. Munir Bashshur, Education and the Secular/Religious Debate: Illustrations from Lebanon (1992)
  20. Nancy Gallagher, Gender, Islam and Democratization in Jordan: The Case of Toujan Al-Faysal (1992)
  21. May Seikaly, Women and Social Change in Bahrain: A Historical Perspective (1993)
  22. Nikki R. Keddie, The Fall of the Soviet Union and the Start of a New Middle East (1993)
  23. Nikki R. Keddie, The Shi`a of Pakistan: Reflections and Problems for Further Research (1993)
  24. Oussama Arabi, Early Muslim Legal Philosophy: Identity and Difference in Islamic Jurisprudence (1999)
  25. Riaz Hassan, Faithlines: Social Structure and Religiosity in Muslim Societies (2000)
  26. Riaz Hassan, Attitudes toward Veiling and Patriarchy in Four Muslim Societies: An Exploratory Study (2000)

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Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2004