CNES graduate student in the news

CNES graduate student in the news

Sociologist's research activities are cited in the Hoover Institution news and in Quillette.

Sociologist Wisam Alshaibi's research as a Silas Palmer Fellow at the Hoover Institution has brought to light a treasure trove of documents related to the activities of the Iraqi opposition movement in the 1990s and into the 2003 occupation of Iraq. The discovery is reported on the Institution's news site

Meanwhile the online journal Quillette quotes Alshaibi at length on another topic, his defense of a Jewish American author who is at the center of a controversy about racism and orientalism.

Besides the Fellowship at the Hoover Institution, Alshaibi has received the University of Colorado's Helen and Val Fischer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Social Sciences, a UCLA Graduate Student Research Mentorship Fellowship, and a federal Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need award at UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies.


Published: Wednesday, February 14, 2018