Mosafer Centennial Fund for Near Eastern Scholars

Awards for travel and research

Fellowships support interdisciplinary studies of the Middle East and North Africa.

The award will provide financial support to graduate students to attend conferences or travel for research on the Middle East and North Africa. UCLA student applicants may be from any discipline.

Award Amount:

The awards are up to $5,000.

Application Requirements:

1. Curriculum vitae

2. Unofficial university transcripts

3. Abstract (no more than 100 words): provide the project/dissertation title and briefly describe the topic of research or the topic to be presented.

3. Brief description of the research or conference travel proposal (no more than two (2) double-spaced pages of 12-point font): describe the research project in terms that can be understood by an academic audience who may not specialize in your chosen field. Include a detailed outline of the research agenda (e.g. weekly research activities, research locations such as archives and libraries, etc.), and explain how the grant would further it. Must demonstrate how your project will advance knowledge of MENA societies, histories, or cultures.

4. Itemized budget (no more than one (1) page of 12-point font): include items such as international and in-country travel, visa fees, overseas housing, library or archival fees, etc. While the maximum award amount is $5000, the actual award amount is based on overseas project costs and justifiable project-related expenses and available funding.

5. One academic letter of recommendation from the student's dissertation chair.


The next application cycle will open in the Fall 2020.


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Published: Thursday, December 19, 2019