An Introduction to Arabic Manuscripts

An Introduction to Arabic ManuscriptsKitab al-Diryaq, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS Arabe 5847, f. 37r

An intensive online workshop featuring leading authorities on the study of Arabic manuscripts.

This week-long workshop will be taught by leading authorities in the historical, philological and material study of Arabic manuscripts.

Co-organized by Princeton and UCLA, which house the two largest repositories of Islamicate manuscripts in North America, the workshop will equip emerging scholars with the basic tools to conduct research using original handwritten texts in Arabic script. The deadline to apply as a full participant has passed but you can register as an observer via the links in the schedule below.

Over the course of four days, participants will learn the basics of codicology, palaeography, and manuscript production and circulation, and receive exposure to an expansive vision of current debates in Arabic manuscript research. Topics include:

  • anatomy of the codex
  • text blocks, colophons, audition notes, owners' notes, readers’ notes
  • supports, inks, bindings
  • scribes and other craftspeople
  • scripts, canonical and informal; strategies for decipherment
  • technical terminology
  • transmission practices and patterns
  • digital collections; contemporary ethics and best practices

Organizers: Marina Rustow (Princeton) and Luke Yarbrough (UCLA)

Sponsors: UCLA Center for Near Eastern StudiesUCLA Islamic StudiesUCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and CulturesUCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance StudiesManuscript, Rare Book and Archive Studies Initiative at Princeton; Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University; Firestone Library, Princeton University; UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library


7-9am PDT / 10am-12pm EDT

 Evyn Kropf | Introduction to Arabic Manuscripts: Overview, Terms, Methods, Special Challenges
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10am-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT  Nur Sobers-Khan | Manuscripts Remote and Digital: What to do with Digital Manuscripts?
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7-9am PDT / 10am-12pm EDT

 Nuria de Castilla | The Importance of Codicology: Manuscript Production, Support & Bindings
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10am-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT  François Déroche | Codicological Structures: Pages & Quires
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7-9am PDT / 10am-12pm EDT  Konrad Hirschler | Transmission of Arabic Manuscripts: Production & Usage Contexts, Transmissions/Ownership Notes & Readers’ Notes
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10am-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT  Kristina Richardson | Formal & Informal Copies: Commissioned, Personal, Ordinary & User-Produced Manuscripts
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7-9am PDT / 10am-12pm EDT  Alain George | Scripts & Styles: Canonical Scripts, Informal Scripts & Limit-Cases
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10am-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT  Naïm Vanthieghem | Paleography & Documentary Hands: Strategies & Resources for Decipherment
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7am PDT / 10am EDT  Jan Just Witkam | From Codicology to the History of the Islamic Book
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Published: Friday, August 27, 2021