Book talk for Zeynep Korkman

Book Talks

Book talk for Zeynep Korkman

A Book Talk featuring Prof. Zeynep Korkman & discussant Prof. Purnima Mankekar

Thursday, November 9, 2023
2:00 PM

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A celebration of Prof. Zeynep Korkman's new book, Gender Fortunes (Duke UP, 2023).

In Gendered Fortunes, Zeynep K. Korkman examines Turkey’s commercial fortunetelling cafés where secular Muslim women and LGBTIQ individuals navigate the precarities of twenty-first-century.


Prof. Zeynep Korkman is a distinguished feminist scholar whose work delves into the intricate dynamics of gendered relationships within the intersections of affect, labor, religion, and feminist politics, with a specific regional emphasis on Turkey and the broader Muslim Middle East. BF's research agenda is dedicated to the exploration of the affective labors and political genres that guide women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in navigating the multifaceted landscapes of global social structures, including heteropatriarchy, neoliberal capitalism, religiously influenced authoritarianism, secularism, and anti-Muslim racism. This research unfolds across two interrelated tracks. The first track meticulously examines the nuanced connections between affect, labor, and religion, shedding light on their intricate interplay. The second track delves into the emotional intricacies of transnational feminist politics, exploring both the contentment and challenges inherent in this realm.

Sponsor(s): Center for Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Department of Gender Studies, Asian American Studies Department , Gender Studies, UCLA Center for the Study of Women